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Our solutions

Our solutions have been built on a strategic – and practical – understanding of the key problem statements facing our clients.

Very simply, we help you to invest both sustainably and cost effectively in black-owned SMMEs within your supply chains and the communities in which you operate, and capacitate these businesses – gearing them for long-term sustainability and success.  

We do this by tailoring, providing and administering the right mix of grant, project and term loans, and implementing hands-on business and technical support.

In this way we help you to make a meaningful impact in your doorstep communities – despite what can often seem to be divergent demands, interests and expectations within your critical stakeholder groups.

Our experience has taught us that experience counts.

Finding solutions in dynamic community environments requires a unique appreciation of each stakeholder’s reality, and the right blend of strategic skills, practical know-how, and on-the-ground capacity to move everyone forward together.

This is why our process includes:

Assisting you to identify relevant goods and services that you can procure within the communities where you work. Where feasible, you then give preference to suppliers from these communities. When done right, this then solves the procurement disconnect between yourselves and your local stakeholders. We help you build this bridge.

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Ensuring you are clear on government targets. These are tight and audited on an ongoing basis. Your mining or manufacturing operation is expected to find solutions that meet all deliverables when procuring from your communities whilst assisting them. Your delivery and reporting systems must speak to all of these requirements. We make sure they do.

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Finding a holistic solution is pivotal to long-term success

We know – again from experience – that you will probably need to transform and unbundle your supply chain in order to procure from your local suppliers. In this instance, your team could need assistance with certain skills, pricing and contract deliverables. We help you with this.

In the same way, your doorstep communities will typically need assistance to access your supply chain. They might not yet be ready to participate, and could require everything from skills to mentorship to funding to compete on merit and add value. These solutions must be integrated. They must be relevant and tailored. Community development and ESD cannot – and do not – work in silos. We partner with you to bring everything and everyone together in a sustainable, purposeful way.

Insight snapshot: our solutions in action

Custom-building solutions – inclusively – with your team is a core part of our process.

We work alongside you from inception to rollout: workshopping ideas and possibilities; clarifying objectives and outcomes; designing the final programme; and then implementing it. Monitoring and evaluation (to drive continuous learning and improvement) is our foundation point throughout.

All of this is managed, supported, tracked and enabled by our on-the-ground dedicated team, who become a natural extension of your brand; delivering a positive brand experience through in-person contact, connection and care.

Our offerings are delivered by our cross-functional teams from Phakamani Impact Capital and Phakamani Learning Academy. They comprise:

Standalone ESD solutions

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where we design and deliver a needs-driven response of training, facilitation and on-the-ground business support, without the finance component. Our comprehensive understanding of preferential procurement means that we’re geared to partner with you across SMME categories: from micro EMEs to large-scale QSEs moving into the industrialist space readying to take on generic suppliers

OR a tailored mix of financial and non-financial support that maximises the success of your programme beneficiaries:

End-to-end ESD solutions

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where you define your objectives, make funds available for disbursement on a call-down basis and actively participate in investment decisions

A trust fund

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where you define your desired ESD / SED outcomes and receive periodic feedback on results as the programme is delivered

We track impact consistently throughout all programmes, monitoring and evaluating outcomes so that they drive strategic intent.

We also assure accountability for results, underpinned by a real track record.

Our difference is felt from programme inception: if we’re not aligned with your vision and values as a corporate sponsor, we won’t proceed with the project. This is because of how seriously we take our role of legacy impact partner: entrepreneurs, SMMEs, communities and corporates must be better off having worked with us.

Our non-accredited Business Acceleration Programme (BAP) is ideal when it comes to supporting entrepreneurship in mining doorstep communities. This training is typically rolled-out over a period of five days in a classroom setting, targeting micro enterprises or SMMEs in start-up phase. It works particularly well as an introduction to a more formalised ESD intervention.

The Business Accelerator Programme consists of six modules notably:

Producing a business plan

Managing businesses finances

How to tender


Marketing your business

HR management

The programme can also be conducted as an accredited programme – giving the learner 39 credits towards an NQF level 2 qualification.

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