At Phakamani we care about impact: what this means on the ground; in supply chains; in communities; in lives.

About Phakamani Baobab

We know that to create impact, we have to act. Get involved. And care enough to make a difference…

That’s why we step directly into these spaces, and connect in-person with the entrepreneurs we assist. We understand their realities, listen and respond, and work with them to enable them to achieve their definition of success.

Our work is a privilege and a responsibility.

It requires commitment, resilience and a fundamental belief in our individual ability to make a contribution. We know that if we get it right, we can ignite a truly incredible chain of events – unlock opportunities, challenge inequality, reduce poverty and change lives for the better… for good.

This is the impact we’re striving to create each day. This is the possibility we believe in

We are Phakamani. Welcome to our world.

Our work creates positive change.

Our difference is felt from programme inception: if we’re not aligned with your vision and values as a corporate sponsor, we won’t proceed with the project. This is because of how seriously we take our role of legacy impact partner: entrepreneurs, SMMEs, communities and corporates must be better off having worked with us.

Our work unlocks potential and opportunity

Since 2015 we have made the following contribution:

entrepreneurs trained
jobs created & supported
approved in funding
R 0 m
approved transactions

And shared a journey beyond what we could have imagined with clients and the SMMEs on our programmes.

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